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About The Lynx Group

The Lynx Group is a global strategic alliance providing pivotal and contemporary information and education for all stakeholders in healthcare. This alliance is comprised of Novellus Healthcare Communications, LLC, Green Hill Healthcare Communications, LLC, Engage Healthcare Communications, LLC, Core Principle Solutions, LLC and Center of Excellence Media, LLC.

The Lynx Group Staff

Brian Tyburski

Vice President of Finance
Andrea Kelly

Human Resources
Jennine Leale

Senior Editorial Director
Dalia Buffery

Director, Strategy & Program Development
John Welz

Director, Quality Control
Barbara Marino

Quality Control Assistant
Theresa Salerno

Director, Production & Manufacturing
Alaina Pede

Director, Creative & Design
Robyn Jacobs

Creative & Design Assistants
Lora LaRocca
Wayne Williams

Content Marketing Director
Samantha Weissman

Digital Content Manager
Anthony Trevean

Digital Editor
John Parkinson

Digital Media Specialist
Charles Easton IV

Jr Digital Programmer
Christina Bethencourt

Jr Digital Content Coordinator
Wally Guillaume

Meeting & Events Planner
Linda Mezzacappa

Senior Project Manager
George Fuller

Project Managers
Deanna Martinez
Jeremy Shannon

Project Coordinator
Rachael Baranoski

IT Manager
Kashif Javaid

Administrative Assistants
Sara Mohamed
Colette Puhalski

Office Coordinator
Robert Sorensen

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