It is a fact of life. The current tax system rewards taxpayers who are aggressive with their deductions. To find out what people are deducting, we undertook an informal survey of many of our colleagues who are certified public accountants. We found that a handful of deductions show up repeatedly on the tax returns of those taxpayers who tend to be very aggressive with their deductions. How aggressive are you with the deductions you claim on your income tax return each year?
Psoriasis, the most prevalent autoimmune disease in the United States, affects approximately 7.5 million people. A chronic, relapsing disease, psoriasis is characterized by thick patches of inflamed scaly skin resulting from excessive proliferation of skin cells. Psoriasis is designated as “moderate” if it involves 3% to 10% of the body surface and “severe” if it involves more than 10% of the body. An estimated 25% of psoriasis cases are moderate or severe.
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