Of all the opportunities we miss in life, one of the most regrettable is the opportunity to provide a life-saving immunization to a patient at risk.
Prior authorization was created by the insurance industry to provide the most appropriate and cost-effective healthcare services and medications for patients.
In a recent interview with Inside Patient Care, Eric Graf, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ritzman Pharmacy, discussed what the pharmacy of the future looks like, as well as trends in community pharmacy.
Because of the complexity of biosimilar regulations, a pharmaceutical and therapeutics (P&T) committee-which includes pharmacists and physicians-is recommended to determine appropriate biosimilar use.
Three advanced azole agents are now being used to treat invasive aspergillosis, and strengths and weaknesses exist for each of them, according to research by James S. Lewis II, PharmD.
A hazardous drug safety program can be established in the workplace by following certain protocols.
It is a new year. That means you have another chance to start over again, to take a fresh look at your finances, and to get on track for the future.
Coronary heart disease, more often referred to as cardiovascular disease (CVD) today, is a leading cause of illness and death in the United States.
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